March 2nd, 2018 - Renovating Your Home Before Selling - Part 4

Renovating Your Home Before Selling: Part 4



If you have older carpet in your home, especially if it is in rough shape (kids, pets, etc) considering having laminate, tile or hardwood installed might be worthwhile. Again, back to the point made when talking about kitchens, a partial job will usually be more detrimental to the sale of your home. For example, if your entire main floor is older carpet but budget only allows you to replace some of the flooring you’re likely better to invest that money elsewhere. Now, the exception to this is always if one room has badly stained or damaged carpet then I highly recommend switching it out. It’s also key to be sure to match the quality of flooring with the rest of the house. Most buyers are able to spot quality without any difficulty. If your budget does not allow to install flooring that will fit with the quality of your home, please do not install low end flooring hoping buyers will be fooled by the shiny appearance. Generally speaking this deters buyers more than leaving the outdated flooring.


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