March 3rd, 2018 - Renovating Your Home Before Selling - Part 5

Renovating Your Home Before Selling: Part 5



Just like meeting people, the first impression of a home leaves a lasting impression. That first impression starts when the prospective buyers pull up to the home. We typically find that exterior appearance is less important to a buyer, than the interior, as you don’t live on the outside of your home. But, the first impression starts the second the buyer pulls up in front of the home. Badly damaged siding/stucco or shingles in desperate need of replacing can often be a great spot to invest some money prior to listing. This is especially true if their condition leaves the home susceptible to further damage. Although making the inside of the house look pretty can help the sale, it’s going to be a tough sale if there is structural damage to the home due to poor maintenance of the exterior.

Something to always consider when preparing your home for sale, is to think about what would appeal to the masses, as opposed to just following your personal style. Choose neutral colours, and styles that are trending at the time but also fit with the style in the rest of your home.


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