February 27th, 2018 - Renovating Your Home Before Selling - Part 1

Renovating Your Home Before Selling: Part 1

Deep Clean and Declutter

It's always interesting to hear how many people do not renovate their home until they are thinking of selling. While this may seem interesting, if done properly, it usually results in a higher sale price and shorter days on market. The key to this is choosing the right things to renovate, and doing a good job of it. All while being budget conscious.

Before getting started on any projects we highly recommend contacting one of our team members to provide you with a market analysis of the current value of your home, as well as the anticipated renovated value. There are so many variables to consider, and each home is so different, but here are a few key pointers if you’re planning some renovations to get your home show ready;

This may seem obvious, and just common sense. But it’s incredible what an intense declutter and deep clean can do to the appearance of a home. We’ve met with clients who had big renovation plans to get their house ready for the market. When in reality all the home needed was some purging, scrubbing, depersonalizing and staging. I am not referring to a quick vacuum and wipe down of the bathrooms. Shampoo carpets, polish hardwood floors, clean windows inside and out, wash walls, clean baseboards, scrub bathrooms, clean out light fixtures, cleaning exterior siding, etc. Purge everything you don’t plan on moving with you. You’re going to have to get rid of stuff at some point, so you might as well do it sooner than later and improve the appearance of the house for showings. 

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