Feng Shui 101 with Jenn

Feng Shui 101

Feng Shui translates to “wind-water” It is the ancient Chinese principle of creating a harmonious balance of energies in any given space. Everything has energy, thats just science. When energy is blocked or stagnant it can affect how a space feels.


Are you feeling overwhelmed by your home? Is it cluttered/disorganized but you don’t know where to start? Making just a few simple changes can make your home feel so much lighter and more clear. Choose one room at a time to work with. Once its complete, move onto the next room. Dividing the task by rooms can make it feel so much more manageable.


  1. Declutter: Most of our homes are filled with stuff we don’t use. This includes unnecessary furniture that can block the flow of positive energy in a home. Go through your house with a garbage bin, donation bin, and storage bin. As you come across items you no longer feel need to be in the space place it in one of these bins. Often it can be useful to remove as much as possible from a space and then slowly add things back in.
  2. Furniture Flow: Once you’ve decluttered the space, its a lot easier to look at the flow of the room. Arrange the furniture in such a way, that is allows free passage through the room. This also allows energy to flow freely through your home.
  3. Storage: It is inevitable to have some “stuff, especially if you have kids.  As your space allows, use storage shelves or bins so everything has a place.
  4. Encourage liveliness; plants, fresh flowers, and light reflecting mirrors can brighten up a space very effectively.
  5. Keep windows and doorways clean: these act as entrances for energy into your home from the exterior. Keeping these areas clean will help the environment feel a lot clearer.


These 5 small tips can make such a huge impact on how your home feels.